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Third Generation Video Surveillance
May 31, 2017

Future complete IP Video Surveillance system Ipvs:

All-IP video surveillance system has a significant difference compared with the previous two schemes. The advantage of the system is the camera

Powerful central control-a industrial standard servers and a control management application software can run the entire monitoring system. Built-in Web server and provide Ethernet ports directly. These cameras generate JPEG or MPEG4 data files that allow any authorized client to access, monitor, record, and print from any location on the network, instead of generating a continuous analog video signal form image. Full IP video Surveillance system it's a huge advantage.

Cost-effective wired or wireless Ethernet is simply connected to the network, allowing you to leverage your existing LAN infrastructure. You can use a 5 class network cable or wireless network to transmit the camera output map

As well as horizontal, vertical, and Zoom (PTZ) control commands (even directly through the Ethernet).

Easy to upgrade with full scalability-easily add more cameras. Hub servers can be easily upgraded to faster processors, larger disk drives, and larger bandwidth in the future.

Full remote monitoring-any authorized client can access any camera directly. You can also access the monitoring image through a central server.

Rugged redundant storage-can be used to permanently protect the monitoring image from hard drive failure with SCSI, RAID, and tape backup storage technologies.

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