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Second Generation Video Surveillance
May 31, 2017

Current "Analog-digital" monitoring System (DVR):

The "Analog-digital" monitoring system is a digital DVR for the core half simulation-half digital scheme, from camera to DVR still use coaxial cable output video signal, through DVR simultaneously support video and playback, and can support limited IP network access, because of the variety of DVR products, there is no standard, so this generation system is non-standard closed systems, DVR system still has a lot of limitations.

The complex cabling "analog-digital" scheme still requires the installation of separate video cables on each camera, resulting in wiring complexity.

Limited scalability DVR The typical limit is to extend up to 16 cameras at a time.

Limited manageability you need external servers and management software to control multiple DVR or monitoring points.

Limited remote monitoring/control capabilities you cannot access any camcorder from any client. You can only access the camera indirectly through the DVR.

The risk of disk failure is not protected and easily lost compared to raid redundancy and tape.