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Monitoring Design Requirements
May 31, 2017

In the closed-circuit monitoring system design, according to the user's basic needs of the closed-circuit monitoring system, in accordance with the structure of reasonable, safe and reliable, product mainstream, low-cost, low maintenance capacity as the starting point, and in accordance with this to provide users with advanced, safe, reliable and efficient closed-circuit monitoring system

Reasonable structure: it is to use advanced and reasonable technology to structure the system, so that the entire system safe and stable operation, and have a good future expansion conditions.

Stability and security: This is the user's most concern, only the stable operation of the system to ensure that your unit closed-circuit monitoring system running smoothly. The advanced technology of the system is the guarantee and foundation of the high performance of the system, and can effectively reduce the trouble of the user and the system maintenance personnel. Good scalability is for the user's development considerations.