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Monitoring Basic Information
May 31, 2017

Type of ball machine: Infrared High-speed ball communication mode: RS-485 Bus communication protocol: Pelco and other protocols.

Communication baud rate: 1200b S 1400bS 12800bs

Automatic return function: According to the user set time, automatically back to the set position.

Automatic control infrared Light: According to the size of the camera focal length to automatically adjust the moving speed shelter area: optional (can be set up 2 of shaded areas)

Track memory function: Memory 1 88 seconds Patrol preset point: 8 groups (16 preset points per group, Total 128 preset points)

Preset point of stay time: 1-60-level arbitrary settings.

-Two-point scan: arbitrary settings

-Two-point scan speed: level 1-64

Horizontal rotation speed: 1-180 degrees per second (1-64-level optional)

Horizontal rotation range: 360 degrees

Vertical speed: 1-180 degrees per second (level 1-64)

Vertical rotation Range: 90 degrees (pitch range)

Automatic Flip function: Two-level segmented control. A level 180 degrees (two level vertical 90 degrees optional)

High speed Ball communication address: 256 addresses, through software settings

OSD Menu: Set the various parameters of the camera through the OSD menu.

IR Light: High power 10, Intersea 35, 5

Infrared light on: 0LUX supply Voltage: $literal 5A (Dc12v-14v range)

Product power consumption: less than 13W (with Sony All-in-one)

Ambient operating temperature: indoor type (0 degrees to 40 degrees);

Demand requirements

Outdoor type ($number to 60 degrees) thermostat built-in fan camera compatible support for a variety of brand camera model shell two-layer metal aluminum shell, waterproof grade up to IP66 * alarm Device Optional (4-way input 2-way output) one-machine needs to be equipped with ICR function