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Monitoring Basic Equipment
May 31, 2017

The T-100 handheld live-live instrument is a portable real-time image and video transmission device, which integrates video collection, wireless network transmission, led strong light illumination, GPS positioning and voice intercom etc. The product uses the domestic original 3G coding transmission technology and the long-distance wireless communication technology, with stable performance of high-speed servers and advanced computer/smartphone wireless video viewing platform, high-definition, video fluency, construction, road and bridge construction, decoration, water conservancy projects, such as outdoor construction industry excellent long-distance efficient communication and management tools.

Products with easy to carry, light weight, easy to operate characteristics. All operation one-button design, convenient intelligent interface and computer communication, convenient data upload and download. Support China Telecom EVDO 3G Network and Chinese unicom WCDMA 3G Network, as long as the 3G network coverage, you can use this product for real-time video/image transmission and remote efficient communication and management.

(1) solve the problem of the remote management caused by the problem of many job spots and dispersed locations, so the site details can be controlled without going to the scene.

(2) solve the problem of a lot of work, the location of dispersed problems caused by remote communication coordination, do not go to the scene to understand the site situation.

(3) On-site operators need to boot at any time, so that project manager or construction technical guidance personnel can see the video in real time, find problems and solve problems.

(4) Site and construction, supervision, design and other units of the coordination mechanism is very smooth, construction quality has a certain protection.

(5) The site site and civil Engineering, materials, construction machinery and other related units of communication mechanism is very smooth, construction process and efficiency greatly improved.

(6) Emergency command the first time through the mobile phone or computer to see live video, quickly make a choice. Communication links are simple, direct and efficient.

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