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Hardware Monitoring
May 31, 2017

(1) Remote monitor and control camera of network person, main part is normal edition, enhanced version and outdoor version of the three categories, can be about 320 degrees, up and down 60 degrees of rotation monitoring, picture photography, video, and photos, video phase to the mailbox or FTP server, the camera has mobile detection function, you can set up email alerts. Network person remote monitoring camera and traditional camera is the most fundamental place is no wiring, no large area of hardware assistance, as long as a network cable, you can in any corner of the world remote Monitoring to the place you want to monitor.

(1) General edition: Network person remote Surveillance Camera The general edition is a new generation of cameras combined with the traditional camera and network technology, as long as the network person's camera is plugged into the network cable (no computer), it can transmit the image through the net to the other end of the Earth. can be remote control camera around 320 degrees, up and down 60 degrees rotation, monitoring, and will monitor the screen recorded down, sent to the mailbox or FTP server ... In your company or warehouse, shop, home to install a webcam, then you even to the other side, as long as the Internet, can also remotely monitor. Ordinary companies build a video control platform, no tens of thousands of or hundreds of thousands of is impossible, and only in a fixed monitoring platform to implement control (you can not be at home or outside the control), and buy Network Camera, installation is simple (plug in the cable can), no port mapping, low-cost deployment, you can realize in the off-site monitoring

(2) Enhanced version: Compared to the ordinary version of the network person remote monitoring camera enhanced performance more powerful, can easily achieve high-definition image of the low network bandwidth transmission, the image is more clear than the general version of the camera, and realize night vision, audio transmission and other new functions, dynamic alarm, can set alarm time area, abnormal automatic recovery, network interruption after the automatic connection and other new functions.

(3) Outdoor version: Network person remote monitoring camera outdoor version compared to the former two of its superior performance in the area of strong outdoor video surveillance, unlike the enhanced version is that it uses a professional CCD sensor chip (420 lines), S40 chip, Dome shield, waterproof and high temperature resistance, inhibit strong light, infrared night vision, lightning protection and other performance, can adapt to the harsh outdoor environment, support no line, and so on, is widely used in wilderness areas, taboo into the area, dangerous areas, such as construction sites, Residential villas, factories, construction, such as the powerhouse. Using it to monitor the life of pregnant women in real time is the most suitable for their personal safety escort.